Holiday Light Hooks
Holiday Light Hooks
HOLIDAY LIGHT HOOKS - "Put em up and leave em up" Christmas Light Gutter ClipsXmas Light Hooks Christmas Light Gutter Hooks
Do you love hanging lights for the different Holidays? So do we. After searching the Internet and in stores locally for light clips, we found nothing but the same old plastic clips that easily broke instead of metal clips. We started experimenting with some different metal materials and now have a revolutionary new product that allows you to put the hooks up and leave them up.

Take a look at the product page to see the hassle of light hanging disappear by using our holiday light clips.

These sturdy hooks are made of tough aluminum. These gutter clips will be rust free for years. The shingle hook is designed to butt right against the aluminum drip edge just under the edge of the shingles or have your contractor install the clip when having your roof replaced. Place your gutter hook at the back edge of the lip and let it drop down. The hooks should be placed approximately every 18 to 24 inches. The hooks are easily painted to match any trim. There are other uses for your Holiday Light Hooks. I have solar balls hanging off my deck and shop, wind chimes, plants up to 20 lbs and TV cables.
   Download install guides in PDF format: GUTTER HOOKS ~ ROOF HOOKS   
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Christmas Light Hooks