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Transform Your Holiday Decorations Effortlessly With Our Long-Lasting Light Hooks and Clips


Do you love hanging lights for the different Holidays?

So do we. After searching the Internet and in stores locally for light clips, we found nothing but the same old plastic clips that easily broke instead of metal clips. We started experimenting with some different metal materials and now have a product that allows you to "put 'em up and leave 'em up"

Why Choose Us

Holiday roof hooks and gutter hooks, stand out for their durability and ease of use. Our hooks are designed to withstand the harshest winter weather, ensuring your lights stay put throughout the holiday season. Plus, the installation process is a breeze with our hooks, making it easy for anyone to create a dazzling light display.

Your Decoration Experts

HOLIDAY LIGHT HOOKS is your ultimate destination for all your holiday decorating needs. At HOLIDAY LIGHT HOOKS, we specialize in delivering high-quality, durable, and easy-to-use hooks that transform your holiday light installation experience. Our hooks are designed for longevity, which means they last forever, giving you value for your money. All our products are proudly made in the USA, supporting local industries and ensuring top-notch quality.

How to Install

Gutter Hooks


Roof Hooks


Simplified Installation

HOLIDAY LIGHT HOOKS is where we redefine the way you hang your festive decorations. Our ethos is simple - "Put 'em up and leave 'em up". With our unique Holiday Light Hooks, hanging lights during the festive seasons is not just easy but efficient, too. You can use our hooks with different types of lights, including mini string lights, C7, and C9.

The installation process is a breeze; simply determine where the light socket will be and install the hooks in between, ensuring the wire is in the hook. You can choose to have the lights perfectly straight or allow a little sagging for a more relaxed look.

Effortless Rope Light Installation

We've also got you covered if you prefer rope lights. For 1/2" rope lights, our hooks can be easily adjusted to hold them securely.

For those using 3/8" rope lights, a simple spread of the hook does the trick. Our hooks are designed to withstand winds up to 40 mph, so there's no need to worry about your lights being displaced. However, if your house has areas prone to wind tunnel effects, we recommend placing the hooks a foot apart for added security. At Holiday Light Hooks, we are all about making your holidays brighter and easier.

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