Holiday Light Hooks
The Gutter Hook
The Roof Hook
HOLIDAY LIGHT HOOKS - "Put em up and leave em up"

Hanging lights using your Holiday Light Hooks

When hanging your lights for the first time using Holiday Light Hooks it's easiest to install the hooks as you hang your lights. Whether you are using string type mini lights, C7, or C9's the installation is the same. Determine where the socket will be and install the hooks in between so that wire will be in the hook. I don't like my lights perfectly straight so I allow a little sagging in between the hooks. It's totally up to you. The hooks can be installed with the sockets right next to the hook which will allow them to be installed in a straight line.

Your roof hooks are virtually invisible from the street. 35' away.

3' away

Your gutter hooks aren't noticeable when painted to match your trim. 15' away.

5' away

Rope Lights
I have had several questions about using Holiday Light Hooks with rope lights. When using 1/2 rope lights I found they wouldn't fit the hook as manufactured. I spread the hook apart and added a bend at the top to hold the lights in place.
See altered hook:

I would recommend placing your hooks one foot apart to prevent sagging. If using 3/8 rope lights just spreading the hook apart will hold the lights. Winds of 35 to 40 mph has not altered the placement of the lights. In between structures can cause a wind tunnel effect. In those instances you may want to install your hooks 1' foot apart. We have one corner of the house which seems to get more of the wind tunnel effect. In that area I placed 3 hooks 1' foot apart which cured the problem.

Other uses
Holiday Light Hooks can be used to hang planters up to 20 pounds

Solar balls on gutter clips

Solar balls at night

Gutter hooks with wind chimes

Cables for TV

Download install guides in PDF format: GUTTER HOOKS ~ ROOF HOOKS